2nd BDO British Inter-County Championships away to East Stirlingshire Falkirk
3rd Grampian Area Meeting Aberdeen
09th Free Day Grampian
10th Super League Grampian
8th-10th Isle of Man Douglas, Isle of Man
10th-17th Torremolinos Open Spain
16th Foggie Open Foggie
16th - 17th Free Weekend Grampian
15th-17th Berwick Darts Weekend Berwick Holiday Camp
15th-17th Mariflex Netherlands
16th Gibraltar Open Gibraltar
22nd ADA Youth Play-off's Rileys Aberdeen
23rd British Inter-County Championships Home to Highland Aberdeen
24th Free Day Grampian
30th-31st free weekend grampian
6th-7th British Internationals Fife
6th-7th Free Weekend Grampian
13th British Inter-County Championships Away to Tay Valley Dundee
20th-21st German Open Germany
21st Super League Grampian
21st BDO Meeting Coventry
27th Scottish Singles Finals Grampian Play-Off's Grampian
4th Bon-Accord ladies Finals Aberdeen
4th-5th ADA Finals Aberdeen
4th-5th Fife Open Glenrothes
4th-5th Lancashire Festival of Darts To be Advised
11th BDO British Inter-County Championships Home to Fife Aberdeen
12th Free Day Grampian
17th-18th Welsh Open Wales
17th-18th Free Weekend Grampian
25th Scottish Singles Finals Glenrothes
26th Super League Singles Grampian
31st Welsh Classic Wales
1st-3rd Welsh Masters Wales
1st Ellon Open Ellon
2nd Free Day Grampian
8th Scottish Masters Grampian play-offs Grampian
9th Free Day
7th-9th BDO International Open Brean Sands, England
8th Scottish U21 & 18-25 Winmau Riley's Stirling
15th Scottish Master Finals Bannockburn
16th Grampian Mixed Fours Grampian
17th SDA Meeting Perth
22nd-23rd Free Weekend Grampian
21st-23rd England Open England
23rd Grampian area Meeting AGM Aberdeen
29th - 30th Granite City Open Aberdeen
29th BDO Gold Cup - Great Britain Finals Frimley Green. Surrey
13th Scottish Finals Winmau World Master Grampian Play-Off's Grampian
13th-14th Free Weekend Grampian
13th England Classic Coventry
20th-21st BDO British Champions Cup - Regional Play-offs Great Britain
27th Scottish Finals Winmau World Master Bannockburn
27th-28th Youth Event To be Advised
4th BDO Annual General Meeting Coventry, England
3rd-4th Free Weekend Grampian
11th BDO British Champions Cup - Great Britain Finals England
10th- 11th Free Weekend Grampian
11th Scottish Annual General Meeting Perth
17th Scottish Youth Open Riley's Stirling
18th Free Day Grampian
24th Free Day Grampian
25th Super League Grampian
31st Free Day Grampian
1st Free Day Grampian
7th-8th BDO British Inter-County Championships Great Britain
14th-15th England Classic Selsey
14th SDA Doubles Grampian Play Off's Grampian
15th Super League Grampian
20th-22nd BDO British Open Bridlington, England
22nd Free Day Grampian
28th-29th Romania Open 2012 Romania
28th Youth Grand Prix 1 Riley's Stirling (Pro)
29th Free Day Grampian
1st-5th World Cup To be Advised
5th-6th BDO British Inter-County Championships Great Britain
9th International Play-Offs for 2013 Lakeside World Pro HULL
10th-13th Winmau World Masters Hull
19th Scottish Men’s & Ladies Doubles Finals Bannockburn
20th Scottish Meeting Perth
20th Super League Grampian
26th Youth Grand Prix 2 Riley's Stirling (Pro)
19th-20th Top of Ghent Ghent, Belgium
20th-27th Turkey Open Kemer Antalya Turkey
20th Free Day Grampian
26th-27th Free Weekend Grampian
2nd-3rd BDO British Inter-County Championships Not Scotland
2nd - 3rd Berwick Weekend Berwick
9th-10th Northern Ireland Open Northern Ireland
9th Scottish Mixed Triples Grampian Play-Off's Grampian
10th Super League Grampian
13th-17th Jersey Open
16th-17th Free Weekend Grampian
17th BDO Full Council Meeting Coventry, England
23rd-24th Czech Open Czech Republic
23rd Scottish Mixed Triples Finals Bannockburn
24th Free Day Grampian
30th BDO British Inter-County Championships Great Britain
1st BDO British Inter-County Championships Great Britain
7th-8th Zuiderduin Masters Netherlands
8th Super League Grampian
14-15th BDO British Inter-County Championships Scotland Only